collaborative and coordinated approach

A Collaborative and
Coordinated Approach

Our services are based on best practice and simplifying the journey individuals or families face when addressing their own needs or the needs of their child. Our treatment is specifically designed to meet the needs of each unique individual.

All our professionals are under one roof which means better and faster access to clinicians and needed services. Parents or clients remain at the centre of decision making but with our support are no longer alone in deciding the best options to meet their needs. Our clinicians, guided by knowledge, experience, and expertise, work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your family.

At Monarch House, we are committed to providing exemplary services to meet the needs across the lifespan.

evidenced-based practice

Evidence-Based Practice


Evidence-based practice means integrating the following features into the decision making process for each client:

  • individual clinical expertise
  • the best available evidence and information from high quality, published scientific research
  • patient and family values and wishes

At Monarch House, our treatment meets the core features of evidence-based practice: intervention goals are individually developed with family input and selected from treatments that have been proven effective, progress is consistently measured, and outcomes are shared with the client/parents on a regular basis.

seamless services across the lifespan

Seamless Services Across
The Lifespan

Monarch House works with individuals of all ages and abilities.

We provide evidence-based treatment for individuals throughout the lifespan requiring services in the areas of speech, language, communication, motor skills, recreation, vocational skills, daily living skills, social skills, and overall learning. Our services are delivered in the setting that is most convenient to our clients – their home, community or one of our clinics.

Our goal is to assist clients in maximizing their ability to achieve positive experiences and independence to their greatest potential, and to experience an overall higher quality of life. Our team of clinicians are all under one roof in order to provide easy and timely access to the professional that best meets your needs when you need the service.


Behaviour Therapy

We provide an array of services for individuals with behaviour disorders or behaviour challenges. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual throughout all phases of their life. Clients or caregivers decide if they would like therapy to be focused at home, in the community, or in our purpose-built centre.

Speech-Language Therapy

Our team of highly qualified Speech-Language Pathologists provide assessment and treatment to individuals with speech, language, communication, and social skills concerns. Our therapy follows best practice guidelines where intervention goals are individually developed, progress against goals is consistently measured, and outcomes are shared with parents/clients on a regular basis.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

We provide many services to help you achieve your full potential and independence in activities that are important and meaningful in your daily life. Our therapy follows best practice guidelines where intervention goals are individually developed, progress against goals is consistently measured, and outcomes are shared with parents/clients on a regular basis.

Recreational and Group Programs

We offer a variety of different recreational programs to individuals affected by any behavioural, communication, learning, and/or developmental delay. Our programs offer a non-judgmental place for individuals and their families to interact in their community.

Residential and Community Services

We provide a number of services geared towards youth and adults who may require treatment and/or services within community housing or residential placements or within their local community in order to facilitate access.

Assessment, Diagnostic, and Counselling Services

We provide screenings and assessments for all phases of life, including developmental screening clinics, diagnostic, learning and vocational assessment services, counseling services and paediatrician services. All of our screenings, assessments and treatments are developed using best practice guidelines specific to each discipline.

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