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Monarch House believes that family support and care for parents is required in order to provide temporary relief from the demands involved in caring for an individual with complex and challenging needs. Many families are reluctant to leave their child with a stranger even though there is the need for some time away. At Monarch House we understand the reluctance in engaging a stranger to care for your child.

Our respite workers are highly trained and specialized in order to provide the care and attention that individuals with complex needs (e.g., difficulty in communicating, challenging behavioural needs, etc.) require. Monarch House uses a model of service that matches the right qualified and experienced Respite Worker with the specific client profile. We follow an intake and assessment process conducted by a dedicated behaviour consultant to meet the individual care planning and goals of the client (a one size fits all is not a solution and can be ineffective and costly).

We work with the family to ensure that the chosen Respite Worker fits with the particular needs of the family and of the client. No surprises and less work for the family in the selection and hiring process.