Funding: Alberta

Path to Funding

At Monarch House Calgary, we offer free developmental screening for children. Please contact us for a free consultation on diagnosis, support and services.

Once you have a diagnosis or are awaiting a diagnosis of a disability for your child under 18, you may submit an application to Family Support for Children with Disabilities. Children Under 18: Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD):

·     If you or your loved one require supports and are 18, you may qualify for funding through Persons with Developmental Disabilities. Individuals with Developmental disabilities from 18 years on: Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD):

Monarch House has a vendor number and is able to direct bill for services with FSCD, if this is the preferred method of billing for a family.

There are several organizations and charities that provide additional funding, support or programs to families of those with special needs. Please contact these organizations directly.

In the province of Alberta, Monarch House offers Behavioural/Developmental Aide services and Specialized Services to individuals up to the age of 18, in accordance with each family’s agreement with FSCD. We are able to offer dynamic programming founded in best-practice with flexible delivery options, including telehealth. Monarch House holds a high standard for staff training and support, and ensures quality in all services offered.

Specialized Services (SS)

Monarch House offers expert, comprehensive, family-focused services in accordance with a family’s Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Specialized Services (SS) agreement. Specialized services may include a range of supports to address concerns such as behaviour, speech and language, adaptive, and motor development. Expert teams work in collaboration with each family to develop capacity in supporting their child’s functioning in home and community settings. Each family’s specialized service agreement is determined in collaboration with the team at FSCD.*

Behavioural/ Developmental Aide (BDA)

Monarch House is able to provide Behavioural/Developmental Aide (BDA) services, which are funded by Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). BDA services are up to 6 months in length, and may involve one or two clinicians (for example, an Occupational Therapist and Behaviour Consultant). The type and amount of support provided is based on the needs of each individual family and is determined in collaboration with their FSCD caseworker.* The clinician(s) work with the family to help them gain skills related to specific areas of concern in their child’s development. The program may include a parent coach to support the family in practicing strategies in the home and community.

* Please note, agreements must be in place with FSCD in order to access BDA or SS programs.