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Parent Coaching

Monarch House believes in providing the right support, at the right time. Our parent coaching model provides families of children needing specialized or consultative services with expert intensive support, with the goal of building capacity in families in their ability to facilitate the development of their children. We incorporate parent/caregiver education, intensive initial parent training, and ongoing service plan development and oversight. Parent education topics will be determined based on areas of need, including but not limited to, diagnosis/autism, evidence-based intervention, service planning, data collection, social communication, challenging behaviour, learning, motor development, community inclusion, meal time, toileting, sleep routines, and play. Parent training can include a small group format to foster the ability of families build local communities of practice and support, and benefit from the experiences and questions of other participants. Individualized initial parent training will happen in the local community. Completing parent education will allow the family access to a team of professionals from their service team including, as appropriate, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and Psychologist, which is critical for early development of the therapeutic relationship.