Learning Disorder Assessment

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At Monarch House we provide screenings and assessments for all phases of your child’s development. We follow best practice guidelines and integrate evidence from quality research studies into all of our services, including learning disorders.

Our key focuses of development are:

  • Academics

  • Play skills

  • Fine & gross motor skills

  • Self help/independence skills

  • Learning disabilities

  • Vocational skills

For more information, download our comprehensive parent and teacher handbooks and resources here for your reference. Services can also be delivered through parent education and/or groups. For more information, please consult one of our Speech Language Pathologists.

Free Screenings

At Monarch House we offer a free of charge, drop-in service for parents to address questions and/or concerns regarding their child’s development. The clinic is run by a qualified team of professionals including including behaviour analysts, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists who will be available to provide brief consultation with your child. The results of the screening will be discussed with parents and are meant to indicate which areas are following typical development and others which should be monitored more closely. For information on our screening clinics please contact your local centre. 


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Our professionals develop an intervention plan for each client based on the information gathered from assessments and integrate those findings with the family’s priorities. We use best practice guidelines and integrate evidence from quality published research into our services.