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There are many early indicators of autism. The following signs are possible indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Your child does not need to demonstrate all of the indicated behaviours to come in for a screening

  • Does not respond to their name by 12 months of age and may seem deaf

  • Does not point to objects to share interest with others by 14 months of age

  • Avoids eye contact and wants to be alone

  • Does not speak, or uses very few words at 18 months of age

  • Loss of speech/words at any age

  • Displays behavioural difficulties (e.g., overreacts to small changes, shows a limited range of interest, has trouble sleeping/toileting/eating a variety of foods)

Free Developmental Screening Clinics

At Monarch House we offer a free of charge, service for parents to address questions and/or concerns regarding their child’s development with our Pediatrician. A referral is necessary from your family doctor/pediatrician and the screening is at no cost to families. The results of the screening will be discussed with parents and are meant to indicate which areas are following typical development and others which should be monitored more closely or if further assessment is recommended.

For additional information on this service please contact your local Monarch House centre directly.

Assessment for Diagnosis

Our diagnostic services provide timely access to professionals who are qualified to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders in British Columbia. All autism assessments for diagnosis at Monarch House adhere to the BCAAN Standards and qualify to access the Provincial Autism Funding. At a time when early intervention is critical an assessment at Monarch House will give you access to funding up to 12 months earlier than if you complete an assessment through the public route.
Our private assessments for autism diagnosis:

  • No waitlist

  • Allow families to access up to $22,000 additional government funding to use towards their child's treatment

  • Are supported by our service coordinator, who provides information and support to families before, during, and after the assessment process

  • Are provided by skilled, registered professionals in the area of ASD

Our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified staff include Occupational Therapists, Registered Psychologists, Pediatricians, Behaviour Analysts/Consultants, Speech Language Pathologists, Behaviour Interventionists and Counsellors to ensure your child receives the best autism treatment.


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Our professionals develop an intervention plan for each client based on the information gathered from assessments and integrate those findings with the family’s priorities. We use best practice guidelines and integrate evidence from quality published research into our services.