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Monarch House

Effective treatment and care, every step of the way

Monarch House improves access, coordinates treatment, and focuses on results for individuals with developmental delays, disabilities, and changing needs throughout their lifespan. Our board certified behavior analysts, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists work collaboratively and individually as required to deliver evidence-based treatment in our centres, clients’ homes and schools, and in specialized housing settings. We are committed to continuous learning and conduct research to advance understanding and provide the most effective treatments possible.

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Our professionals develop an intervention plan for each client based on the information gathered from assessments and integrate those findings with the family’s priorities. We use best practice guidelines and integrate evidence from quality published research into our services.

How We Help

Behaviour Treatment

A Behaviour Consultant/Senior Therapist (BCBA®) is responsible for monitoring your child's learning.  

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help children develop their independence in activities that are important and meaningful in their daily lives.

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Social Groups

Some individuals with ASD and other neurodevelopmental/behavioural disabilities will attain greater outcomes in a real life setting - our social groups can help achieve these goals.

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Autism Assessment & Treatment

Our team includes OTs, Psychologists, Pediatricians, Behaviour Interventionists, Counselors, Analysts, Consultants and SLPs to ensure your child receives the best autism treatment.

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Speech & Language Pathology

Our team of highly qualified Speech-Language Pathologists provide assessment and treatment to toddlers, children and adolescents for speech, language, communication and social skills concerns.

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Learning Disorders

We provide screening and assessment for all phases of your child’s development. We follow best practice & evidence-based guidelines into all of our services, including learning disorders.

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